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corina herrera loera supervisor district 2 santa clara county election campaign
corina herrera loera district 2 supervisor election campaign, candidate santa clara county
Cesar Chavez Early Learning Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Our journey begins. I am both honored and energized by the overwhelming support I have received after my announcement to run for Santa Clara County District 2 Supervisor.

District 2 faces numerous challenges, encompassing economic disparities, social injustices, and political divisions. Yet, let me be clear: these challenges are not insurmountable. They are the very catalysts that inspire us to rise above, to build bridges where there are walls, and to create opportunities where there is despair.

Our campaign will not be about an individual; it will be about the collective strength of our ideas, values, and unyielding commitment to making a difference. It will be about uplifting the voices often silenced, fulfilling deferred dreams, and embracing the aspirations that yearn to be realized.

But as you know, running for office requires a significant amount of resources, and I cannot do it alone. By contributing to my campaign you will be helping me spread the message of hope and progress.

I am grateful for your support. There is strength in unity and together we can build a brighter future for our District 2 community and the entire County of Santa Clara.

Together We Can!

corina for supervisor 2024 district 2 santa clara county
corina herrera loera supervisor district 2 campaign candidate election
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