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The Beginning
I come from humble beginnings. My parents, Jose Luis and Martha Herrera, emigrated to this country with a dream of a better future for our family. My father worked tirelessly in the fields, enduring scorching temperatures and backbreaking labor just to make ends meet. But it wasn't just about survival for my parents; it was about giving back to the community, no matter how tough things got. They taught me the values of hard work and helping others, and those values have guided me throughout my life. I grew up in a neighborhood facing its fair share of challenges, and I saw firsthand the struggles that many of our communities continue to face today. So I worked hard, graduated from San Jose State, earned my Masters Degree, and vowed to help those who couldn't help themselves.


The Journey

I've dedicated my life to serving our community on the frontlines. As a high school counselor, I made sure students had the mental health resources they needed to succeed in their education.  I've worked in the nonprofit sector advocating for victims of domestic violence and helping children navigate difficult personal challenges. For the past 17 years, I've been a Juvenile Deputy Probation Officer, closely supporting young people on their path to a better life. And during the pandemic, I worked as a Public Information Officer, ensuring that Spanish-speaking communities received vital, life-saving information. 

The Transformation

In 2019, when our school board was mired in dysfunction, I stepped up, driven by my own experiences as a district parent, and was appointed to the board. In 2020, I ran for the seat and together with the support of parents, hard working families and the community, I was elected with the highest vote count ever recorded in an Alum Rock School Board election. Together with my colleagues and the community, we've transformed a toxic and corrupt school board into a collaborative and impactful force. We've launched innovative initiatives, like the first of its kind Cesar Chavez Early Learning Center, and secured funding for critically needed affordable housing for teachers. We've introduced the district's first ethnic studies curriculum, fostering cross-cultural understanding among our students.


The Inspiration

I am deeply connected to my indigenous roots as a Wixarika (Huichol) and have been a tireless advocate for the indigenous community. I've helped organize the largest Mexica/Aztec New Year Ceremony in the United States and proudly earned the endorsement of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I may not have started with all the advantages, but I believe that's what makes me the underdog this community needs. I've been in the trenches, and I've fought for every opportunity and success I've had. I know what it's like to face adversity, and I know how to overcome it. I've dedicated my life to serving this community, and I'm convinced that together, we can make our community healthier, happier and safer, and give everyone a better chance to succeed.

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